Webfeud features over 14 million words

Webfeud uses a number of dictionaries from third parties. Information and links regarding all supported languages and dictionaries:

UK flag English CSW2012 - over 270000 words

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CSW or Collins Scrabble Words is the global world source used in Scrabble. CSW2012 is the newest edition, in previous years the global word list was also known as SOWPODS. CSW is not a single dictionary but an amalgam of three: Collins (7th edition, 2005), Chambers (1998 edition) and TWL, the current Northern American word list. TWL itself is also drawn from a range of sources.

WESPA along with David Sutton have produced some documents to give you lots of information on the changes from CSW2007 to CSW2012. You'll find these on the WESPA site:

Where can I buy CSW2012?
The WESPA website has a document containing contacts and other useful information on where you can purchase the book:

USA flag %> English TWL - over 169000 words

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The English TWL dictionary (aka OWL2, OTCWL2, TWL2 and TWL06) is the official Scrabble tournament word list used in North America.
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dutch flag Dutch / Nederlands - Van Dale Taalspelwoordenlijst Nederlands  Van Dale

© 2014 Van Dale Uitgevers, Utrecht/Antwerpen
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Dutch flag Dutch / Nederlands - Van Dale Scrabblewoordenlijst Van Dale

© 2024 Van Dale Uitgevers, Utrecht/Antwerpen

This list is used in official scrabble and malino contests. This word list is surveyed and annually revised by 'de Overkoepelende Taalcommissie (OTC)' of het Nederlandstalig Scrabbleverbond in Vlaanderen (NTSV), de Scrabble Bond Nederland (SBNL) and de Malino Federatie in cooperation with Van Dale Uitgevers.

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Danish flag Danish / Dansk - over 393000 words

The Danish dictionary is Retskrivningsordbogen 2001, which is made and maintained by Dansk Sprognævn.
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Suomi flag Finnish / Suomi - over 2.4 million words

The Finnish dictionary is based on and adapted from the Finnish iSpell dictionary and checked by Webfeud players.
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French flag French / Français - over 386000 words

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The French dictionary is the official ODS6 dictionary used in Scrabble tournaments.

German flag German / Deutsch - over 1.2 million words

The German dictionary is adapted from the "Free German Dictionary" project.
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Irish flag Irish - over 247000 words

The Irish dictionary is based on Kevin Scannell's GaelSpell word list. It will accept any correctly-inflected or mutated word form in Irish; so, for example, tiocfaidh, bróige, or mbean are all acceptable words. If you prefer to not to allow such words, you and your opponent can agree on this informally. The other major difference from the 'official' game is the use of lenited consonants on single tiles; there are no H tiles at all. We believe this significantly improves game play over the official version where there are far too few H tiles.
Link to Irish dictionary

Scottish flag Scottish Gaelic - over 145000 words

The Scottish Gaelic dictionary is based on data from the Faclair Beag, via the Scottish Gaelic Hunspell spellchecker, plus any headword from Dwelly's dictionary. It allows correctly inflected forms of words (minus words containing hyphens or apostrophes such as taigh-tasgaidh or dh'fhàg) to be played. So bròg, bhròg, bròig, bhròig, brògan, bhrògan, brògaibh etcetera are all permissible words. Note that not all inflected forms of rare words in Dwelly are available just now.
The other main point worth noting is that in order to improve gameplay, there is no H tile and instead the following digraphs exist as separate tiles: BH, CH, DH, FH, GH, MH, PH, SH and TH and also LL, NN and RR.
Link to Scottish Gaelic dictionary

Italian flag Italian / Italiano - over 620000 words

The Italian dictionary is based on the iSpell word list composed by Loris Palmerini combined with a Zingarelli word list.
Link to Italian dictionary

Norsk flag Norwegian / Norsk - over 485000 words

The Norwegian dictionary is the official NSF-ordlisten from Norsk scrabbleforbund.
Link to Norsk scrabbleforbund

Polish flag Polish / Polski - over 2.7 million words

The Polish dictionary is the Słownik SJP. Used with permission.
Link to Polish dictionary

Romanian flag Romanian / Române - over 600000 words

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The Romanian dictionary is the 'Lista Oficială de Cuvinte' from the Romanian Scrabble Federation which is used in official tournaments.
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Portuguese flag Portuguese / Português - over 380000 words

The Portuguese dictionary is adapted from the iSpell dictionary by Projecto Natura: 'Dicionários Natura' .
Link to Portuguese dictionary

Russian flag Russian / Pусский - over 1.2 million words

The Russian dictionary is adapted from the iSpell dictionary by Alexander I. Lebedev.
Link to Russian dictionary

Spanish flag Spanish / Español - over 792000 words

The Spanish dictionary is based on COES by Santiago Rodríguez and Jesús Carretero. Used with permission.
Link to Spanish dictionary

Catalonian flag Catalonian / Català - over 580000 words

The Catalonian dictionary is the 'Diccionari Informatitzat de l’Scrabble en Català' by Joan Montané.
Link to Catalonian dictionary

Swedish flag Swedish / Svenska - over 400000 words

The Swedish dictionary is assembled from various freely available sources.

Hebrew flag Hebrew / עברית - over 320000 words

The Hebrew dictionary is based on the Hspell dictionary from the Ivrix Project.
Link to Hebrew dictionary

Czech flag Czech / Čeština - over 770000 words

The Czech dictionary is based on the ASpell dictionary.
Link to Czech dictionary

Slovak flag Slovak / Slovenčina - over 1.1 million words

The Slovak dictionary is based on the ASpell dictionary.
Link to Slovak dictionary

Turkish flag Turkish / Türkçe - over 640000 words

The Turkish dictionary is based on the Turkish Hunspell dictionary.
Link to Turkish dictionary

Arab flag Arabic / العربية - over 150000 words

The Arabic dictionary is based on the word list from the AyaSpell project.
Link to Arabic dictionary

Esperanto flag Esperanto - over 508000 words

The Esperanto word list is the 'eblaj-vortoj' from the esperantilo.org website, amended with a number of missing words.
Link to Esperanto dictionary

Greek flag Greek - over 421000 words

The Greek word list is adapted from the word list used in Quackle.
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